For the Love of Katy Reeves Smith: A Tribute May 24, 2021 2:28 PM  

beautiful bride

Katy Reeves Smith: Beautiful bride, Beautiful person, Incredible wife, Loving Mom, Treasured daughter, sister and friend! Katy accepted the gift of ‘living life to the full’ with all the spirit and energy and love God entrusted to her! To the challenges, the blessings, the love, the good, the opportunites, the fun, even the risks presented to her, Katy’s answer was “YES!”

Yes, I will fight this Cancer and smile for the camera with my beautifully fitted prosthetic eye.

Yes, I will marry you, Jeff Smith!

Yes, we will start life right, with God at the center!

Yes, I will savor life’s every moment!

Yes, I will remember who loved me first!

Yes, I will take risks with you, for the sake of love’s reward!

Yes, I will make memories that last and last!

Yes, I will laugh, love and giggle with our bundle of joy!

Katy, now celebrated in Heaven, you will forever be remembered and celebrated here on earth!

Seeing 20/20 With You Feb 13, 2020 2:24 PM  

Go into the chapel

2020 is upon us and we have hit the ground running!

January marks the beginning of the New Year and what better way to begin than with a Brooks Chapel “Happily Ever After”!

We offer congratulations to all the January couples and showcase a few Wedding highlights!

 Sarah & Tyler tied the knot on January 2, 2020! Laughter proved to be the best medicine for the day! With not a serious bone between these two, Sarah and Tyler just kept making each other laugh, despite Sarah battling the flu on Wedding Day!

 They showed us what it truly meant to be with each other in sickness and health.

KW Designs Photography

 God’s love shown down on The Brooks and Sam and Madison, providing a sunny, beautiful, almost warm day for their  January 4 “I Do!”s

Britney Tarno Photography

Will couldn’t wait to stand in front of all his friends and family, hand in hand with his best friend and new bride, Marilyn – and that day finally came.

The two married on January 18, 2020.

Lutz Studios

 Brides looked stunning in their elegant gowns!

Choosing a January Wedding Day, doesn’t mean you have to be cold!

There are indeed beautiful and elegant ways to be stylish and warm!

Color schemes of blush and cream tones complimented natural lighting for these winter warm receptions, while splashes of deep red provided the perfect color pop

against the earthy tones of the room’s cedar columns and rock accents. 

 Twinkle lights and fireplace glow provide inviting, romantic ambiance on even the chilliest of days.

 Happy Forever After, January couples!  You’ve got your love to keep you warm!

We are thankful for all the couples that chose to make The Brooks at Weatherford their Winter Wedding place! 

 And now it’s time to…

Britney Tarno Photography

Bring on Spring!

What a Gift to be Loved by You Dec 22, 2019 10:16 AM  

You and Me!

Celebrating the Christmas Season and looking forward to a brand new year brings to mind the many gifts God has brought to us at The Brooks!

Arden Prucha Photography


Local Embers Photography

Teary Heart-felt Moments

And Love!  Lots of Love!

Nate and Grace Photography
Amy Zumwalt Photography
Heather Thompson Photography

Blessed to witness couples voice their I do’s in the chapel and vow to life together, we’re grateful to celebrate a milestone of our own this year! Happy Five Year Anniversary to The Brooks at Weatherford!!

 The very first couple to marry at The Brooks – Matt and Jen Jones

Copeland-Jones Wedding at The Brooks at Weatherford  October 25, 2014

Nate and Grace Photography

Every couple unique, every love story a treasure to witness!  

 All things born of love are beautiful!

Friends and family celebrate love’s union with Lindsay and Brandon at the Legendre-Lutz Wedding 


Paige Stevens Photography

We celebrate and thank the couples that took the leap and a chance on love and that call the Brooks at Weatherford their Wedding Place! We wish for everyone a very Merry Christmas and may 2020 be your wildest, most wonderful ride yet!

I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm Nov 5, 2019 12:17 PM  

As the weather changes and temperatures drop, we can’t help but reminisce the warm Summer months and the couples that said “I do,” to their Summer loves.

Katie Nicholson and Drew Thompson, Wedding Day of August 18 agreed to share their ‘Summer Love’ story and Wedding Day photos from their day to remember! 

Here’s a bit of their Once Upon a Time… 

The Perfect Plan…

When Drew’s most trusted and respected friend said he knew the perfect girl for him, Drew was eager to meet her. Katie and Drew were introduced to each other at a ministry for young adults called The Porch. Drew was always so caring of Katie and made sure to include her in everything they were doing. Drew’s trusted friend was absolutely right! Love happened quickly! In 6 short months, Drew began planning to propose! 

 It was the eve of Katie’s “Senior Night” where the sports teams at Dallas Baptist University honor the graduating seniors. Drew made it known he was busy with seminary studies and wouldn’t be able to attend, which is why it was such a surprise to Katie when he showed up, knocking on her dorm room door. He told her to get dressed because he was taking her out to celebrate. With time to kill before their dinner reservations, Drew suggested they stroll through the Dallas Botanical Gardens. 

As they made their way to the water front, Drew eyed and picked up one of several Bibles they saw placed with roses along the pathway. He picked one up and read a verse to Katie, and they continued on their way. Not wanting to disturb someone else’s set up, Katie told him he should leave the Bibles alone. Just then a man approached them saying, “You might want to stay clear, someone has planned an engagement here.” 

Drew smiled and said, “ Yeah – ours!”  

Completely caught off guard, Katie’s heart began to race as Drew, yes indeed, took the down on one knee pose and asked her to marry him!  “Yes!  Yes!”, was of course Katy’s  answer!   

Summer Lovin’…

And so the planning began…

Wedding planning is tough and living long distance from your ‘intended’ only makes it more so. Katie and Drew spent their engagement living far away from each other. Drew was still in Seminary with quite a heavy study load and tight schedule, so Wedding date options were limited.  Studying the calendar, they realized their choice was either August or December.

 December would mean waiting almost an entire year to be married. August brought to mind one hitch, dealing with the Texas Summer heat. They chose the sooner option and vied for a catchy, easy to remember, 8-18-19 date.  Katie knew just who to turn to help make this quicker than later event happen – Her very own sister-in-law, Ashlee Nicholson, owner of the Fort Worth/Dallas wedding planning boutique, Treasured Heart Events.

 With God at the center of their relationship, being married in a chapel was important to Katie and Drew!  Driving onto the property of The Brooks at Weatherford brought fond memories to Katie’s mind. Memories of summer drives around Lake Weatherford with her Dad; windows down, hair blowing in the wind!  Stepping into the The Brooks’ Chapel let Katie and Drew know they had found their Wedding Place! 

 With their special date indeed available, the choice of venues was made, the date was set and The Nicholson-Thompson Wedding was in the works!

The First Look…

 In 9 short months, Wedding Day was here. Stomach in knots, the nerves were getting to Katie. Is everything coming together? Did I forget something? Where is he…and is he as nervous as me? 

The moments leading up to Wedding Day can be quite stressful for any bride!  On top of day to day life, you are planning the biggest celebration centered around you, and of course, you want everything to be perfect! Moments of anxiety and feeling at least a bit overwhelmed, can follow the bride right into Wedding Day. 

 A quick run in the morning, breathing exercises, sipping on your favorite latte while jamming out to Taylor Swift with you closest friends are all ways to keep Wedding Day jitters at bay, however for Katie all it took was one look at Drew. 

Katie and Drew chose to do a first look. This new tradition is a wonderful way to remind you ‘why you’re here.’  For Katie, the highlight of her Wedding Day was their First Look!  As she approached her future husband, she felt all her worries fade away. She tapped his shoulder. When he turned around, Drew looked up and down and all around at his beautiful bride-to-be and exclaimed, “Well, you look good!”

The Start of Happily Ever After…

Before they knew it, ceremony time was here. Katie, arm in arm with her Dad, made her way down the bridal path to the chapel. 

The best Wedding Day advice she received was from her Matron of Honor and planner, Ashlee.  She told her “Soak in every moment of the walk with your Dad and when the chapel doors open and you see Drew waiting for you, it will feel like you’ve entered through the golden gates of Heaven.

The inviting grounds of The Brooks not only allowed for amazing photos by Lindsay and Brandon Lutz of Lutz Studios, but also a fun filled evening. Popsicles by Alchemy Pops were served while friends and family played yard games on the lawn. Buckets of cold water and lounge furniture from Coral Lange kept their guests comfortable while post ceremony photos took place.

Looking back, Drew and Katie’s favorite memories are of being together and dancing the night away. “He always makes me feel comfortable and goofy”, Katie says! 

They truly bring out the best in each other!

Best Day Ever for Katie and Drew! The choice to brave the heat paid off as forever treasured Wedding Day memories take this sweet couple into that soon to arrive December month, already husband and wife!  

We are honored to be part of the forever treasured memories and to share this sweet love story! 

Congratulations to you, Drew and Katie Thompson … the new Mr. and Mrs.!!

Vendor Team

Adding a Touch of Adorable Oct 4, 2019 1:11 PM  

A Touch of Adorable

Including children in your Wedding Day

Children hold a dear place in our hearts and it can be so special to include them in your Wedding Day. As couples wait longer to tie the knot, children’s involvement in the weddings is increasing. Whether they are from a previous relationship, you and your fiancé have already started your family, or you have younger family members, there are plenty of ways to include you favorite tiny humans in your special day. However, children can be rather unpredictable. That is why it is so important that they have an age appropriate role and that they also feel comfortable in what they are doing.  

The most common part children play during the Wedding Day is that of Flower Girl and Ring Bearer. This is a classic part for children, typically between the ages of 3-7. If your dream processional does not include a screaming toddler crying down the aisle, here a few ways to keep a smile on the little tot. 

Rehearse : Practice makes perfect! Bringing your Flower Girl and Ring Bearer to your venue for a quick run through of what they will be doing helps to calm their nerves. You can show them exactly where to walk and even point out where their parents will be sitting.

 Bribery : Nothing gets kids moving like candy! Have your groom pull out the kiddo’s favorite treat for them to have when they get to the end of the aisle. It gives them something else to focus on, and adds fun and laughter to your ceremony.

 Assign them a Helper : Just because younger children are more traditionally used, doesn’t mean that older children can’t be involved in this part of the ceremony, as well.

 Appoint older kiddos as Junior Bridesmaids/Groomsmen! Having an older child with with the little ones helps them to not feel so alone, relieves anxiety, and keeps them on task.

Let it be : Remember, you are dealing with children and regardless of your relationship to them, you love them enough to involve them in the best day of your life. If they cry, it’s because they don’t want to mess up. If they run around screaming, it is because they are so excited for you. Always stay patient with the kiddo’s in your wedding and remember, in the end, what ever they do, it will be absolutely adorable. Relax and enjoy the first evening of your Happily Ever After!

Photo Credits to

Nate and Grace Photography

Amy Zumwalt Photography

Arden Prucha Photography

360West Weddings Feature Jul 31, 2019 10:35 AM  

The cover of 360West Weddings Magazine’s Fall 2019 issue looked mighty familiar to us here at The Brooks. We are so honored to be featured in their magazine and happy that Ashlee and Bryan Jones made us part of their Special Day!

Thank you to Arden Jenkins with Arden Prucha Photography for capturing the love shared at the Sargent-Jones Wedding – It was a night to remember!

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Jun 15, 2019 12:00 PM  

Great Honeymoon Getaways in The Lone Star State

From the hill country to the coast, there are great spots for every honeymooner right here in this beautiful state. Whether you want to be treated like royalty in a high end resort or have a secluded, peaceful stay in the Texas Hill Country, the perfect Honeymoon Getaway is out there!

1. My Sapphire South Padre

Pack your bags and head down to the coast to the tropical paradise – My Sapphire South Padre! Offering affordable rates during winter months, My Sapphire is the perfect spot for any couple who does not want to go all the way to Hawaii for their Tropical Vacay in December. Start your morning with a dip in a crystal clear private pools to tanning on the warm sandy beaches within minutes via your private boardwalk.

2. La Cantera Resort

Go South to the La Cantera Resort for a romantic spa retreat in the heart of San Antonio.

If you want to stay close to all the fun or take a short drive to your very own private Villa, La Cantra Resorts will meet all your expectations. Enjoy a couple’s massage then hop in your complimentary ride and enjoy the romantic, historical city of San Antonio, including the River Walk.

3. The Driskill

Deep in the heart of Texas, you will find The Driskill, Austin’s finest hotel.

Keep the love in Texas via a short travel distance to the Capitol City! Honeymoon like royalty at The historic and elegant Driskill Hotel in the heart of downtown Austin. Get lost in love and time during your stay in your Renaissance styled suite, then immerse yourself in the Austin culture. Austin boasts of buzzing nightlife, trendy shops and plenty of outdoor excursions such as biking, hiking, kayaking and nearby natural swimming holes like Hamilton Pool, Jacob’s Well and Krause Springs. #keepaustinweird

From Weatherford to Wimberly, Texas Hill Country has everything you will need for a relaxed and romantic cabin retreat. Hill Country Premier Lodging will help you find the perfect spot for honeymooning, such as Moondance Cabin.

There is no other sunset like a Texas sunset and you can have the best view from your Hill Country Cabin. Take in the out of this world views while you and your love unwind in your own private hot tub, like this one atThe River Rose Retreat.

So take a dip in a creek or take a serene stroll through the woods, the outdoors is just over the threshold in the Texas Hill Country!

5. Historic Fort Worth

If you are looking for fun filled days with an amazing night life, head up north to DFW! Downtown Fort Worth is the perfect place for you and your new spouse to get lost in the city while still feeling like the only ones there. There are plenty of things to check out within just a few minutes. Enjoy your stay at The Worthington Renaissance Hotel in Fort Worth and head down Main Street and catch a bit of the city! The lights and the fountains will astound you.

Visit the romantic Water Gardens and take a stroll through the Trinity Park Trails. There is something to do around every corner!

And the fun does not end when the sun goes down – enjoy live music and drink at Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar or spin your partner round n’ round at Billy Bob’s Texas. From romantic to eccentric, there is TONS to do in the Historic Downtown Fort Worth.

Motherly Advice May 11, 2019 5:54 PM  

Sure, it is your wedding day, however, honoring the women that led you and the love of your life to this moment will add that extra-special sentiment to your wedding day memories. Here are a few ideas inspired by Brook’s Brides to make Wedding Day and wedding plans a little more special for the moms!

Include them when you say “Yes” to the dress!

After finding your venue, the next step is to find your dress! Ordering your dress can take up to nine months, so it is important to not put this one off. Your mom will want to be there when you say “Yes!” to the dress, however someone that often gets overlooked during this time is your groom’s mother. She is important to your fiancé, and including her in your dress shopping experience can let her know that she is important to you as well.

Make their dress shopping an experience, too!

Searching for your dream wedding dress, you will find, is more of an experience than a shopping spree. Make their dress shopping experience just as fun! Go with your mom and future mother-in-law to find the perfect dress. Let them pick their own dress, and pop the champagne when they say “Yes!”

Ask them what they want to help with and why

Communication is so important during the wedding planning process, but not only between you and your fiancé. Asking your moms if there is anything special they would like to help with, will not only help you delegate tasks, but will also let them know you value their input.

Asking them ‘why’ is a must! It will tell you how important it is to her to be involved with that certain part of wedding planning. Not only is it important to delegate tasks to them that they will enjoy, but they must be able to do the task as well. Keep in mind their interests, but do not ask them to do a job that does not line up with their strengths.

Whether you are assembling favors, writing invitations, or making bouquets – asking your mother and mother-in-law to sit down and help you over a fun movie is a great opportunity to create memories!

Include your mom in giving you away

You made it to the Big Day! She has helped you plan everything down to the very last detail, and now you want her to be a part of your ceremony. Having your mom help give you away on your Wedding Day will honor all she has done to support you. You can walk with your parents on either arm, or have a picturesque hand off from Mother to Father. 

Ask guests to remain seated until you pass them during your Bridal Walk

Your mom has been dreaming of this day since she first held your little hand, but won’t be able to even see you walk to your “I do.”

Having your officiant instruct your guests to rise after you have already passed them, allows her to see all the joy grow on her little girl’s face as she makes her way to her soon to be husband.

Carry her with you

It is always amazing when you can wear your mother’s or his mother’s dress, but our parents had some “interesting” style choices – I’m looking at you puffy sleeves! Taking a piece from their dresses and incorporating it into your wedding attire can honor the marriages that led to yours. Take a lace appliqué from Mom’s dress and wrap your bouquet or create a beautiful hair clip!

Keep traditions alive

Traditions are important. Whether it is your family or his, embracing a family tradition is a part of joining the family. Keep an open mind when discussing traditions that are important to the parents and find ways to incorporate them into your ceremony or reception. 

The Mother/Son Dance

The Mother/Son dance is the Mother of the Groom’s moment – Let her soak it up! Having her select the song for their dance, gives her the opportunity to express love for her son and their relationship perfectly.

Mother of the Groom does not always get as involved in the wedding planning, and if she only has sons, she will adore this opportunity to plan something special. 

Give them the spotlight once more

Without these two couples, you and your fiancé would not be where you are today. They were once in your shoes, and if both his and your parents are still married, giving them a moment to reminisce the happiest day of their lives is the perfect way to honor their love. Clear the dance floor and have your DJ play their song.

Thank her!

Remember to set aside a time to thank the most important woman in your life. She has loved you and pushed you to be the woman you are today. Remember to thank your fiancé’s mother for raising the man of your dreams. Make a speech at your wedding or write a letter to them expressing gratitude for the many sleepless nights, bed time stories, and healing kisses.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Nate and Grace Photography

Meggie Taylor

Melanie Julian

Be Mine Feb 9, 2019 1:59 PM  

   Be Mine ❤️

    Sweet words to ponder! Sweet words to hear! Sweet words to profess!

   As children, Valentine’s Day is a day for school parties, card exchanges and candy, lots of candy! Be Mine are just words stamped onto those pure sugar, heart-shaped candies allowed (by Mom) only on this special day! Scoot into those teenage years and those sweet little words, Be Mine, mean a whole lot more than candy hearts, especially from that special someone!


Of course, the lure and promise of love and romance only sweetens as we grow! “Be Mine” melts into “Will You?” and the sweetest…”I Do!”

But where was Valentine’s Day originated and what makes it such a special day in so many hearts? Contrary to popular belief, Cupid was not the creator of the day of love! One romantic legend is the one of St. Valentine of Rome who defied Emperor Claudius ll and helped Roman soldiers marry their love, saving them from having to go off to war!


Love Conquers All!

 The wonder of romance and ‘falling in love’ was declared mysteriously wonderful as far back as Old Testament Days when Solomon penned, “There are three things too wonderful for me, actually four too lofty to understand: the way of an eagle in the sky, the way of a serpent on a rock, the way of a ship at sea, and the way of a man with a maiden.” Pr. 30: 18-19.

Too lofty? Too wonderful? Perhaps! But, definitely worth pursuing and worth celebrating!


                       Valentine’s Day is the second most popular day for couples to get engaged!

Perhaps this Valentine’s Day there’s a surprise ‘drop to the knee’ declaration of love and promise of Happily Ever After waiting for you?

LOVE!  Worth the celebration! Worth the declaration!  And definetly worth an indulgent bite into a crunchy, sweet, heart-shaped “Be Mine!”

                                                 HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!







2018! What a Wonderful and “Weddingful” Year! Dec 20, 2018 1:46 PM  


Such a joy to share in so many beautiful wedding celebrations, to hear so many heartfelt

“I Do’s”,  and to call out Happy Forever After to so many couples!

   Reflecting on the year gone by, we are reminded that each season truly has its own beauty!

Ahhh…Spring! Spring’s abundant fragrance, vibrant greens, and fresh air of excitement pale only to the love that’s in the air!  Spring Fever indeed!  Who couldn’t fall in love in Spring!?

But, Oh….Summer Lovin’ is a given at The Brooks!

Soft Summer sunsets, Crepe Myrtle’s white blooms, cool flowing brooks and bubbling ponds, even a summer campfire or two…

Summer Lovin’ and warm breezes make beautiful music!


   Then just about the time Summer has cooked a bit too long, Texas’s true Wedding Season arrives!

Autumn’s cooler temperatures and rich harvest hues make their way into many a bride’s dreams. Golden leaves dotting the brook and ponds and vibrant colors calling from the surrounding hillside,  awaken the feel of romance for The Brook’s Fall Weddings!



Of course, Winter and Holiday season has a glow all its own!  Twilight comes early whispering Winter’s romantic feel.   Can be just the perfect season to enjoy indoor and outdoor fireplaces and that big Texas bright starry sky!


Remembering each season’s beauty and each beautiful Wedding, what can we say but

                                                                    Thank You !

Thank you to God for a wonderful year and to all the couples who’ve made

The Brooks at Weatherford their Wedding Place!

We wish  you a Merry Christmas, a wondrous Holiday season, and the Happiest of New Years!

Steve and Tricia Heflin and The Brooks at Weatherford Staff!

Credits: Shelly Taylor Photography , Mel Julian Photography, Nate and Grace Photography, Kent Evans Photography , Amy Zumwalt Photography, Todd Piersall, Meredith Parnell Read more…