Adding a Touch of Adorable

A Touch of Adorable

Including children in your Wedding Day

Children hold a dear place in our hearts and it can be so special to include them in your Wedding Day. As couples wait longer to tie the knot, children’s involvement in the weddings is increasing. Whether they are from a previous relationship, you and your fiancé have already started your family, or you have younger family members, there are plenty of ways to include you favorite tiny humans in your special day. However, children can be rather unpredictable. That is why it is so important that they have an age appropriate role and that they also feel comfortable in what they are doing.  

The most common part children play during the Wedding Day is that of Flower Girl and Ring Bearer. This is a classic part for children, typically between the ages of 3-7. If your dream processional does not include a screaming toddler crying down the aisle, here a few ways to keep a smile on the little tot. 

Rehearse : Practice makes perfect! Bringing your Flower Girl and Ring Bearer to your venue for a quick run through of what they will be doing helps to calm their nerves. You can show them exactly where to walk and even point out where their parents will be sitting.

 Bribery : Nothing gets kids moving like candy! Have your groom pull out the kiddo’s favorite treat for them to have when they get to the end of the aisle. It gives them something else to focus on, and adds fun and laughter to your ceremony.

 Assign them a Helper : Just because younger children are more traditionally used, doesn’t mean that older children can’t be involved in this part of the ceremony, as well.

 Appoint older kiddos as Junior Bridesmaids/Groomsmen! Having an older child with with the little ones helps them to not feel so alone, relieves anxiety, and keeps them on task.

Let it be : Remember, you are dealing with children and regardless of your relationship to them, you love them enough to involve them in the best day of your life. If they cry, it’s because they don’t want to mess up. If they run around screaming, it is because they are so excited for you. Always stay patient with the kiddo’s in your wedding and remember, in the end, what ever they do, it will be absolutely adorable. Relax and enjoy the first evening of your Happily Ever After!

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