I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm

As the weather changes and temperatures drop, we can’t help but reminisce the warm Summer months and the couples that said “I do,” to their Summer loves.

Katie Nicholson and Drew Thompson, Wedding Day of August 18 agreed to share their ‘Summer Love’ story and Wedding Day photos from their day to remember! 

Here’s a bit of their Once Upon a Time…

The Perfect Plan…

When Drew’s most trusted and respected friend said he knew the perfect girl for him, Drew was eager to meet her. Katie and Drew were introduced to each other at a ministry for young adults called The Porch. Drew was always so caring of Katie and made sure to include her in everything they were doing. Drew’s trusted friend was absolutely right! Love happened quickly! In 6 short months, Drew began planning to propose! 

 It was the eve of Katie’s “Senior Night” where the sports teams at Dallas Baptist University honor the graduating seniors. Drew made it known he was busy with seminary studies and wouldn’t be able to attend, which is why it was such a surprise to Katie when he showed up, knocking on her dorm room door. He told her to get dressed because he was taking her out to celebrate. With time to kill before their dinner reservations, Drew suggested they stroll through the Dallas Botanical Gardens. 

As they made their way to the water front, Drew eyed and picked up one of several Bibles they saw placed with roses along the pathway. He picked one up and read a verse to Katie, and they continued on their way. Not wanting to disturb someone else’s set up, Katie told him he should leave the Bibles alone. Just then a man approached them saying, “You might want to stay clear, someone has planned an engagement here.” 

Drew smiled and said, “Yeah – ours!”  

Completely caught off guard, Katie’s heart began to race as Drew, yes indeed, took the down on one knee pose and asked her to marry him!  “Yes!  Yes!”, was of course Katy’s  answer!   

Summer Lovin’…

And so the planning began…

Wedding planning is tough and living long distance from your ‘intended’ only makes it more so. Katie and Drew spent their engagement living far away from each other. Drew was still in Seminary with quite a heavy study load and tight schedule, so Wedding date options were limited.  Studying the calendar, they realized their choice was either August or December.

 December would mean waiting almost an entire year to be married. August brought to mind one hitch, dealing with the Texas Summer heat. They chose the sooner option and vied for a catchy, easy to remember, 8-18-19 date.  Katie knew just who to turn to help make this quicker than later event happen – Her very own sister-in-law, Ashlee Nicholson, owner of the Fort Worth/Dallas wedding planning boutique, Treasured Heart Events.

 With God at the center of their relationship, being married in a chapel was important to Katie and Drew!  Driving onto the property of The Brooks at Weatherford brought fond memories to Katie’s mind. Memories of summer drives around Lake Weatherford with her Dad; windows down, hair blowing in the wind!  Stepping into the The Brooks’ Chapel let Katie and Drew know they had found their Wedding Place! 

 With their special date indeed available, the choice of venues was made, the date was set and The Nicholson-Thompson Wedding was in the works!

The First Look…

In 9 short months, Wedding Day was here. Stomach in knots, the nerves were getting to Katie. Is everything coming together? Did I forget something? Where is he… and is he as nervous as me? 

The moments leading up to Wedding Day can be quite stressful for any bride!  On top of day to day life, you are planning the biggest celebration centered around you, and of course, you want everything to be perfect! Moments of anxiety and feeling at least a bit overwhelmed, can follow the bride right into Wedding Day. 

 A quick run in the morning, breathing exercises, sipping on your favorite latte while jamming out to Taylor Swift with you closest friends are all ways to keep Wedding Day jitters at bay, however for Katie all it took was one look at Drew. 

Katie and Drew chose to do a first look. This new tradition is a wonderful way to remind you ‘why you’re here.’  For Katie, the highlight of her Wedding Day was their First Look!  As she approached her future husband, she felt all her worries fade away. She tapped his shoulder. When he turned around, Drew looked up and down and all around at his beautiful bride-to-be and exclaimed, “Well, you look good!”

The Start of Happily Ever After…

Before they knew it, ceremony time was here. Katie, arm in arm with her Dad, made her way down the bridal path to the chapel. 

The best Wedding Day advice she received was from her Matron of Honor and planner, Ashlee.  She told her “Soak in every moment of the walk with your Dad and when the chapel doors open and you see Drew waiting for you, it will feel like you’ve entered through the golden gates of Heaven.”

The inviting grounds of The Brooks not only allowed for amazing photos by Lindsay and Brandon Lutz of Lutz Studios, but also a fun filled evening. Popsicles by Alchemy Pops were served while friends and family played yard games on the lawn. Buckets of cold water and lounge furniture from Coral Lange kept their guests comfortable while post ceremony photos took place.

Looking back, Drew and Katie’s favorite memories are of being together and dancing the night away. “He always makes me feel comfortable and goofy”, Katie says! 

They truly bring out the best in each other!

Best Day Ever for Katie and Drew! The choice to brave the heat paid off as forever treasured Wedding Day memories take this sweet couple into that soon to arrive December month, already husband and wife!  

We are honored to be part of the forever treasured memories and to share this sweet love story! 

Congratulations to you, Drew and Katie Thompson… the new Mr. and Mrs.!!

Vendor Team

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