Brides love The Brooks! Photographers love The Brooks!

Jennefer Wilson ( says: “Being a wedding photographer, I have really high standards before I let myself fall in love with a venue – This one was a no brainer!  ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!” So…..

Jennefer grabbed her friend (and our beautiful bride) Jenni and headed to The Brooks at Weatherford for a photo shoot.  Are we ever glad! Donna Smith, owner designer at Out of the Garden ( crafted the amazing bridal bouquet.  Thank you Donna!  Aren‘t photo shoots fun?!

Jennefer is masterful at capturing the beauty every bride feels when she is in her wedding dress. Coupling that with the beauty of these surroundings, the rustic gates and doors, and windows at The Brooks  produced amazing results!

Thank you Jennefer Wilson  for sharing your keen eye and expert skill with us!  Glad you ‘let yourself fall in love with this venue!’  We‘re falling right back in love with your photography!


 Bouquet by Out of The Garden close up jenni at chapel door jenni bride_ trees Jenni in front of chapel windows jenni pic with bouquet and meadow jenni_shadow_ profile at chapel door

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