Couple are Falling in Love with the Brooks… before we’re even open!

Couples are saying “Yes!… We love The Brooks at Weatherford already, and know we want to get married here!”

Trusting us to be finished and ready, we are working, working! How exciting to meet beautiful couples in love, starting a new thing together and celebrating at The Brooks, the ‘new thing’ we’re doing together after all these years (yes, a lot!) of marriage! Even little girls, get intrigued with the idea of getting married.

Love must just be the most natural yearning in us all; Certainly looks good on everyone, don’t ya think? #loveisworthcelebrating!

Charlie and Austin the 1rst to fall in love with The Brooks! charlie and austin...stunning! Daddy I wanna get married at The Brooks! Lauren Jennings and Patrick Godwin  May 2 Bride Marry me someday OK  ! _-) Matt and Jenn in front of chapel door Tamarra & Michael

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