Build Update #1 – “I DO”

No couple really has a clue when they utter those words “I do”,  just what lies ahead, where the road will lead…what a risk they are actually taking!! But we take that risk because love says so, and start the journey forward. For us, now years later, we can see, we’ve turned out to be the ‘lucky’ ones…the blessed really, because it worked out…the risk paid off…

Because we dared to say “I do” life continues from me and you.”   We’ve been unmeasurably blessed, undeservedly blessed!  We’ve found that marriage, well it’s been worth the work, worth the staying and it’s not over yet!

After 35 years we start a new journey, in a new place, well actually old… like going back to before we even started…

“We did it, me and that man of mine,
went and signed again on the dotted line.
21 acre farm is what we got, a beautiful place to ‘tie the knot’.
Brooks and fields, sky and trees, venue and chapel soon to be.
Much work is happening, things are taking shape.
Fall 2014 is finish date.
So watch with us as the dream unfolds as we continue
to have and to hold.

because we dared to say I do pic First Farm House Picture road leading to 3002 Azle

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