What can we say, but THANK YOU?!

December!  WOW does a year ever roll around fast !

And as this year comes to an end I am thinking about the two words that Steve and I have uttered most throughout this entire project of building the Brooks at Weatherford. … Throughout this year of making, watching, the dream unfold…  Our first Bride and Groom even captured those words for us in picture:  “Thank You”!  Thank You God, foremost !  Thank you to so many that helped us make this happen!  Designed, built and ready 9 months time! Ready for real weddings!  We did beg, more than a few times, “God, please help us make it!”,  And He did !   With our first three weddings on the calendar, we had to be finished!  And we were!  Right on time!  Every wedding was wonderful, beautiful, and fun!  I hope they are all like that!  We have met such wonderful people.  Of course, the couples we meet are so in love that it can’t help but be contagious! It is so fun to see these couples smiling from ear to ear and I love hearing the proposal stories!  Guys are under a lot of pressure today, to be quite the romantic and creative genius when it comes to the proposal!  I’ve noticed too, that almost every couple that stands together in front of those beautiful arched windows in the chapel, spontaneously hug and dreamily smile at each other!  Something about that chapel!  The word we hear most when people come to see The Brooks at Weatherford is “Wow!  People love it!

We are so blessed!  Every bride and groom has made their way at the end of their evening to find us and say thank you to us.  To US!, the venue owners!   I don’t think that happens everywhere!   Every wedding has been the bride’s dream come true and the perfect evening!  So WE say Thank You!  Thank you to Matt & Jen, Charlie& Austin, and Deja & Luke!  The first ones who saw the vision.  The first ones who said, “We have to get married here!”  That was when The Brooks at Weatherford was Architect sketches and dirt slabs!  You guys truly ‘loved us at hello” and we say Thank You!

Merry “First Christmas Together” to you all!

Thank you for being Brook’s Brides !

Wishing you all the best as you start out this new year together, committed to each other,  and ready to begin life as married!  Beautiful!

View More: http://spencermoonphoto.pass.us/charlie Deja and Luke Sparklers incredible shot of church and venue! Jen and Matt Wedding-410

kissing in front of chapel

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