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Sure, it is your wedding day, however, honoring the women that led you and the love of your life to this moment will add that extra-special sentiment to your wedding day memories. Here are a few ideas inspired by Brook’s Brides to make Wedding Day and wedding plans a little more special for the moms!

Include them when you say “Yes” to the dress!

After finding your venue, the next step is to find your dress! Ordering your dress can take up to nine months, so it is important to not put this one off. Your mom will want to be there when you say “Yes!” to the dress, however someone that often gets overlooked during this time is your groom’s mother. She is important to your fiancé, and including her in your dress shopping experience can let her know that she is important to you as well.

Make their dress shopping an experience, too!

Searching for your dream wedding dress, you will find, is more of an experience than a shopping spree. Make their dress shopping experience just as fun! Go with your mom and future mother-in-law to find the perfect dress. Let them pick their own dress, and pop the champagne when they say “Yes!”

Ask them what they want to help with and why

Communication is so important during the wedding planning process, but not only between you and your fiancé. Asking your moms if there is anything special they would like to help with, will not only help you delegate tasks, but will also let them know you value their input.

Asking them ‘why’ is a must! It will tell you how important it is to her to be involved with that certain part of wedding planning. Not only is it important to delegate tasks to them that they will enjoy, but they must be able to do the task as well. Keep in mind their interests, but do not ask them to do a job that does not line up with their strengths.

Whether you are assembling favors, writing invitations, or making bouquets – asking your mother and mother-in-law to sit down and help you over a fun movie is a great opportunity to create memories!

Include your mom in giving you away

You made it to the Big Day! She has helped you plan everything down to the very last detail, and now you want her to be a part of your ceremony. Having your mom help give you away on your Wedding Day will honor all she has done to support you. You can walk with your parents on either arm, or have a picturesque hand off from Mother to Father. 

Ask guests to remain seated until you pass them during your Bridal Walk

Your mom has been dreaming of this day since she first held your little hand, but won’t be able to even see you walk to your “I do.”

Having your officiant instruct your guests to rise after you have already passed them, allows her to see all the joy grow on her little girl’s face as she makes her way to her soon to be husband.

Carry her with you

It is always amazing when you can wear your mother’s or his mother’s dress, but our parents had some “interesting” style choices – I’m looking at you puffy sleeves! Taking a piece from their dresses and incorporating it into your wedding attire can honor the marriages that led to yours. Take a lace appliqué from Mom’s dress and wrap your bouquet or create a beautiful hair clip!

Keep traditions alive

Traditions are important. Whether it is your family or his, embracing a family tradition is a part of joining the family. Keep an open mind when discussing traditions that are important to the parents and find ways to incorporate them into your ceremony or reception. 

The Mother/Son Dance

The Mother/Son dance is the Mother of the Groom’s moment – Let her soak it up! Having her select the song for their dance, gives her the opportunity to express love for her son and their relationship perfectly.

Mother of the Groom does not always get as involved in the wedding planning, and if she only has sons, she will adore this opportunity to plan something special. 

Give them the spotlight once more

Without these two couples, you and your fiancé would not be where you are today. They were once in your shoes, and if both his and your parents are still married, giving them a moment to reminisce the happiest day of their lives is the perfect way to honor their love. Clear the dance floor and have your DJ play their song.

Thank her!

Remember to set aside a time to thank the most important woman in your life. She has loved you and pushed you to be the woman you are today. Remember to thank your fiancé’s mother for raising the man of your dreams. Make a speech at your wedding or write a letter to them expressing gratitude for the many sleepless nights, bed time stories, and healing kisses.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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