Be Mine ❤️

    Sweet words to ponder! Sweet words to hear! Sweet words to profess!

   As children, Valentine’s Day is a day for school parties, card exchanges and candy, lots of candy! Be Mine are just words stamped onto those pure sugar, heart-shaped candies allowed (by Mom) only on this special day! Scoot into those teenage years and those sweet little words, Be Mine, mean a whole lot more than candy hearts, especially from that special someone!


Of course, the lure and promise of love and romance only sweetens as we grow! “Be Mine” melts into “Will You?” and the sweetest…”I Do!”

But where was Valentine’s Day originated and what makes it such a special day in so many hearts? Contrary to popular belief, Cupid was not the creator of the day of love! One romantic legend is the one of St. Valentine of Rome who defied Emperor Claudius ll and helped Roman soldiers marry their love, saving them from having to go off to war!


Love Conquers All!

 The wonder of romance and ‘falling in love’ was declared mysteriously wonderful as far back as Old Testament Days when Solomon penned, “There are three things too wonderful for me, actually four too lofty to understand: the way of an eagle in the sky, the way of a serpent on a rock, the way of a ship at sea, and the way of a man with a maiden.” Pr. 30: 18-19.

Too lofty? Too wonderful? Perhaps! But, definitely worth pursuing and worth celebrating!


                       Valentine’s Day is the second most popular day for couples to get engaged!

Perhaps this Valentine’s Day there’s a surprise ‘drop to the knee’ declaration of love and promise of Happily Ever After waiting for you?

LOVE!  Worth the celebration! Worth the declaration!  And definetly worth an indulgent bite into a crunchy, sweet, heart-shaped “Be Mine!”

                                                 HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!







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