“And There They Go….” special wedding day exits

We at The Brooks,  are honored that couples choose our chapel to commit their lives to one another!  What an honor to witness the beginning of their forever after!  We love to see each couple’s personalities shine as they transform our place and space to be uniquely theirs, from the meaningful “I do’s” to the grand send off!

Such an important, special,  greatly planned for celebration, and life marker kind of event, begs a great ending or ‘grand exit’! Traditionally, rice or birdseed was thrown toward the newly wedded couple as they ran to their decorated ‘get away car.’ As being pelted with rice or having one’s hair becoming fair game for hungry birds lost its former appeal, new traditions and creative options  emerged.

A modern day toss can include lavender or dried herbs, rose petals, even biodegradable confetti. Bubbles and sparklers make for fun and striking alternatives.  Have guests light up the night with glow sticks, or wave personalized hankies.

Maybe you and your new wife/hubby had a long distance relationship. Pay tribute to your time apart by walking under a flock of paper airplanes! If husband and/or wife is military, walking through the Military Sabor Arch made by uniformed Comrads,  honors both couple and country!

We’ve seen many unique exits! From a line of beautiful sparklers leading to limos, vintage cars, even buggies! To jingle bells, cow bells, fireworks, and yes, even helicopters carting off the newlyweds to unchartered heights of life!

Wedding Day is indeed a ‘life-marker’ moment!  Love worth commiting to, saying “Yes” to, is worth celebrating!  And the send off is that final “Yes!  Here we go!  Let’s do this thing!”  It’s the walk through the sea (or fewer) of faces that have actually stayed to the end of your Wedding,  and the faces who’ll be rooting for you throughout life as well!

Oh the places you’ll go, the experiences you’ll have as you journey life together.

Create a Grand exit for this new beginning?  … Absolutely!

Enjoy these fun, beautiful “And there they go” captures!


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