Happy Forever After!


Brand New Facility, and people are super excited when they come see us. They want to get married here!

Still bragging on my hubby…His incredible architect mind has done it again…Designed and Built a most wonderfully unique place. Sometimes I just love the way his mind works! November brought more firsts for us! The first couple to say “The Brooks is the place for our wedding!!!”…Austin Wendell and beautiful bride to be, Charlie Welch. They really did ‘love us at hello’, as The Brooks at Weatherford was only the drawings and construction slabs when they said, “We love it!” AND November 7 became their wedding date.

We worked hard to get everything finished and we made it! “More than we even imagined!”, they said when the couple saw the finished place. Charlie’s Dad, though battling cancer all year, built a beautiful cross for their wedding. Thank you Charlie’s incredible Dad, John Kenney, for gifting the incredible, hand-crafted cross to The Brooks at Weatherford for many brides to enjoy!
Austin and Charlie, what a stunningly beautiful couple you are ! But most incredibly, filled with God’s Spirit and love for each other ! Your wedding was a blast!

Thanks for catching the vision and calling it your own!

Happy Forever After !! 🙂

Photography credit to Spencer Moon.

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