The first wedding!

The first wedding …Beautiful October: Cool and bright? Try 92 degrees! But all were comfortable and all was beautiful in the open-air chapel for our first couple Matt Jones and Jen Copeland! What an absolutely beautiful event. Matt and Jen, you are a beautiful couple inside and out!

Photographer, Todd Peirsall has an incredible eye for the perfect shot. Thank you for sharing these great photos Todd!

Everyone had a wonderful time, from watching the dramatic and touching walk by the brook of Jen and her Dad, to mingling by the outdoor fire pit and covered patio and fireplace. And of course the food by Blue Mesa was wonderful! And dancing and toasts and lights shining on the ponds…cake…everything wonderful!…

Parents and friends of course got last minute hugs from Jen and Matt, but we were so touched when they looked for us to give a hug, say “Thank you for building this wonderful place” and “we truly loved every minute! ”

Willing to bet, not every venue owner gets that! Thank YOU Mr and Mrs Jones for insisting and allowing us and The Brooks at Weatherford to be a part of your dream!

MAtt and Jen walking outside ...beautiful! dancing eye shot Great shot MAtt & Jen outside by handrail I MATT take you Jen!

incredible shot of church and venue! Jen by the Brook!_-) JEnn CLose up BEautiful Jenn getting her hair curled!  great shot!

kissing in front of chapel

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