‘Fly away with me’… Tara + Justin Gaddis

  We’re so excited to feature the Wedding and story of recent bride and groom: Tara Upshaw and Justin Gaddis! 

   May 12 was ‘tie the knot” Day for newlyweds Justin and Tara Gaddis.  Their wedding portrayed not only their love,  but their personalities. From the moment they arrived at The Brooks to the moment they ‘took off’ on their grand helicopter exit, this couple was all smiles! 

    Before sharing the details of their big day, we’ll tell you a bit about these newlyweds in Tara’s own words. 


How They Met…

Justin and I met for the first time at Brewed. I walked up to Brewed, and found Justin wearing an old school Kentucky basketball sweatshirt and instantly fell in love. We conversed over some coffee, and both asked each other several questions to get to know one another. At first, I was taken back by Justin’s intense conversational style, but I loved his endearing sense of humor. Neither of us wanted the date to end, so we went to the Bearded Lady and continued talking about everything from childhood to our individual dreams of the future. Little did we know those dreams would soon be “our dreams.” The date ended with our first kiss and me calling my mom to tell her I found the perfect man! We have been inseparable ever since, spending only a handful of days apart. Best of all, we went back to Brewed for our rehearsal dinner and we are closing on a house a few blocks down the street!


How He Proposed…

On a steamy Sunday morning in July, we planned to have a picnic before Church. I did not think much of it, other than it was a bit peculiar to have a picnic at 9 am. Nonetheless, Justin found us a spot in the shade and set up the picnic blanket. He told me where to sit and was insistent on it, which at the time I remember thinking he was being a bit demanding (I found out he wanted my back to the action!). I can hardly remember what we chatted about, but I do remember thinking we were going to be late for church! I also made a few comments about a sweet family taking pictures of their little boy all around us. We picked everything up and started making our way toward the steps when Justin stopped and told me the family was not taking pictures of their boy, and then he got down on one knee! I wish I remembered what he said, but I just remember crying, hugging, and wondering if I should grab the ring out of the box! After he asked me to marry him, cheering erupted from the trellis atop the stairs. I looked up and saw my entire family cheering and waving! Justin pulled off the biggest surprise of my life and had my whole family in on the secret, which meant the world to me!


   If you are Brooks Bride-to-be, or just looking for some wedding inspiration, The Gaddis’s taste in decor may lend you some great ideas.

  Justine’s Flowers dressed up the chapel by highlighting the beauty of spring with soft blush, but allowed Tara and Justin’s personalities to shine by adding pops of bright coral that was a great accent to the men’s blue suits. 

   During the ceremony, guests dined on Blue Mesa, then danced the night away to the sounds of Le Force Entertainment. Just like the couple, the guest were there to celebrate!  Everyone seemed to join the fun, dancing and  laughing and sharing a smile with one another. 

   Cakes remain a focus and the cake table is still an eye catcher at Weddings. 

The simple backdrop made of picture frames, greenery, and touch of floral truly transformed the space and added to Ruth Robbin’s four tiered cake creation.  

   Following their final Private Dance in the chapel, Tara and Justin exited under a canopy of sparklers, then really lit up the night with their helicopter exit flown by Tara’s Uncle. 

Thanks for letting us share your day!  We extend Happy Forever After wishes to the new 

     Mr. and Mrs. Justin Gaddis!


The Chapel

The Reception

The Exit


A special thank’s goes out to all the vendors who made Tara and Justin’s day possible, and made The Brooks at Weatherford just how they’ve always dreamed. 

Floral: Justine’s Flowers 

Linens: VIP Linens 

Cake: Ruth Robbins

Caterer: Blue Mesa Grill

Make Up: Lemongrass Salon 

DJ: Le Force Entertainment 

Photographer: Ben Q Photography 

Videographer: Splendor Films 




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