It’s finished! It’s finished!

It’s finished! It’s finished! And not a minute too soon! We broke ground in March and now as October comes quickly to an end, we are ready for our first wedding!

Just like the bride and planner and all involved in making wedding dreams come true, we’ve been working very hard to be ready for that awaited day! And here we are! Breathing a sigh of “We made it!” Shedding more than a few tears of “Thank you” to God and so many friends and family who have helped us in this venture! No one had to help, they just did! We are blessed, blessed, blessed!

The Chapel, the Venue, the Bride’s room and Groom’s… The Brook, the Ponds, the Patio and Speakers, chairs and tables…even the bathrooms are…. ready! Starting October 25th, we’ll see our dream being used to celebrate the dreams of others as the weddings begin!

Matt & Jen, Austin & Charlie, and Deja & Luke… all believed The Brooks at Weatherford was the perfect place for their wedding when we were still sketches and slabs… and now they say it’s even better than they envisioned! All will have beautiful weddings for sure! Just you wait and see!

Thank you, for loving us at, “Hello!” 🙂

sign in welcome center mr_mrs brides room matt&jen rehearsal inside chapel with Bumble B decor beautiful pic of Jen Copeland averi dreaming of the day!

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